Our history

Our distillery was born in 1963, when Giuseppe, my father, bought the ancient "Eugenio Levi" distillery. The renowned family "Levi di Campodolcino" had been involved in distillation since 1700. Of the nine sons of Angelo Levi, six were distillers, and Eugenio was in Cortemilia (CN).

Eugenio's distillery was put back into operation, renewing the existing equipment with a completely new plant, giving birth to the "Castelli Distillery"

To this day, together with my wife, I continue the family tradition in the footsteps of my father with constancy, seriousness and commitment.

Sergio Castelli
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A family tradition…

We are proud to be a small company, the whole family follows every single production phase with dedication. We are still looking for all that is best for quality, to offer our grappas to our loyal customers.

Awards and Prizes

Since 2017 our Grappa "Nebbiolina" has achieved the prestigious “Cinque Grappoli” Bibenda award every year, reserved for the best Grappas in Italy.

Distillation process

Our production process follows the best traditions of Piedmont.
Even today the method remains artisanal, taking care of every aspect of the production “Made in Italy”.

An inimitable taste

Our Grappa is distilled from the best local pomace, to always offer our customers a product of the highest quality.
We constantly select suppliers to obtain fresh, fragrant and full of wine aromas pomace.

An international Grappa

Our products have found success not only in Italy, but everywhere in the world. We regularly serve our customers in many states, including Germany, United States, Russia, Kenya…

For all of us is not job, but our Passion

These are difficult years for everyone, but the strength of will & agrave; and the belief of proposing a quality product, encourages us together with the successes and awards achieved at continue to work confidently towards the future…